Federation Delegation Meeting with Republic Fleet Ordnance Officials and Sanmatar’s Military Council

Matar, Pator System – A delegation from the Gallente Federation is to meet with counterparts in the Republic Fleet Ordnance hierarchy before discussing rising security threats affecting both nations with the Sanmatar’s Military Council.

Admiral Marin Opelle, head of the Federal Strategic Materiel organization, will meet with General Daviki Rafeyn of Republic Fleet Ordance for talks on sharing survey and extractive techniques data. Of particular note is a tabled session on finalizing rules for the opening of operations to capsuleer freelancers within the mining expeditions controlled by each organization.

Despite these mooted measures, it is understood that operations of the respective organizations open to freelances will not be undertaken in the border conflict zones defined in the CONCORD Emergency War Powers Act, or other low-security systems.

As well as attending talks between the Federal Strategic Materiel delegation and the Republic Fleet Ordnance organization, Admiral Opelle has been invited to a meeting with Sanmatar Maleatu Shakor’s Military Council to discuss the rising tide of pirate raids in high-security space. Observers suggest that this unusual meeting of an officer from another empire, albeit allied to the Republic, with the Sanmatar’s Military Council underlines the concern shared over the sustained uptick in pirate activity.

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Join the next EVE Online mass test on 19 October: Guristas Shipyards

By CCP Phantom

Join our next EVE Online mass test on Thursday, October 19th and test the upcoming Guristas shipyards!

Guristas shipyards will arrive with the next expansion EVE Online: Lifeblood on 24 October. This mass test is a great opportunity to test these new encounters and to get ready for the expansion.

We invite you to join our next mass test on the test server Singularity this Thursday, October 19th at 17:00 EVE time (=UTC). Additional to testing the Guristas shipyards, we will also take a look at the general client and server performance.

Further info about this mass test
Info about the new Guristas Shipyards directly from EVE Vegas 2017
General info about the test server Singularity

Participants will receive a reward of two million skillpoints (available only on the test server Singularity). Please note that numbers, art assets, and other game properties on the test servers are not final and may change before they are released.


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Community Fittings coming to EVE – Join us!

Community Fittings is an experimental crowd-sourced project to create standard ship fittings which will become available in-game.


Spreading the experience

EVE players are an experienced and helpful bunch of pilots. The player community has created a large amount of ship fittings which are available on third-party websites and apps. There is one drawback though, these site and projects are not native to the EVE client. Especially for new or casual players, this can be a big hurdle.

Now, we would like to bring standard ship fittings to the EVE client so that everyone can use directly use these fittings via the in-game fitting screen. To that end, we will add a new filter to the fitting window (Community fittings).

We invite you to join us on the EVE Forums and share your knowledge and experience with us.



Join us on the EVE Forums! We have threads ready, waiting for you. Submit a reasonable good ship fitting that matches the thread description.

Here are the steps in a nutshell:

  1. Go to the EVE Forums – Community Fittings
  2. Pick any available ship fitting thread. The ship, its purpose and restrictions are mentioned in the first post of the thread and the thread title.
  3. Reply to the thread with a good ship fit. 
  4. Add any further explanations to the same post

Please follow the outlined format and don’t discuss other fittings, otherwise the threads will get cluttered very fast and become useless. If you want to explain your fitting, the purpose and why it works well, feel free to do that in your forum post right below your fitting.

You are welcome to submit as many fittings as you would like to!

As you can imagine, there will be many threads and even more fitting suggestions. Our amazing and truly incredible ISD volunteers from the CCL team will assist us by sorting out the suggest fittings and getting everything ready. Without that help, we wouldn’t be able to get this done. Our deepest gratitude for this selfless help.


What’s in for me?

Besides helping your fellow players and besides showing off your amazing EVE knowledge, there is more to gain.

If your ship fitting is chosen and added to the client, you will be named as contributor in the fitting description. Of course, your character name must not violate our naming policy.

Your contribution will become part of EVE!



When can I start?

The first threads are already available. We will keep you updated as soon as we have added more threads. Please understand that we cannot process all ship fitting threads at once and that we create threads in batches. Keep an eye on the EVE news!


What do I do if I spot a bad fitting?

Please do not discuss the fitting quality in the fitting thread. Our excellent volunteers will disregard bad fittings already. However, if you have ideas or suggestions that will benefit this project in general, we would love to hear your feedback in this forum thread.


What can I do if someone else copied my fitting?

If we see similar fittings, we consider the first one posted to be the original one. Follow-up posts of that fit will be ignored.


Can I submit troll fits?

Nonsense and troll fits will be removed. Posting repeatedly troll fittings will lead to a forum ban.


What if a bad fitting has made it into the game client?

While double check the submissions, mistakes can sometimes happen. If the unlikely case happens that a bad fit made it into the client, we can easily correct this mistake. We will keep an eye on the feedback!

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New Eden Store: Sapphire Sungrazer SKIN for Gallente ships

We are delighted to offer the popular Sapphire Sungrazer SKIN for 17 additional Gallente ship hulls.

Now, this SKIN is also available for the following hulls:

  • Tristan – 110 PLEX
  • Helios – 110 PLEX
  • Algos – 110 PLEX
  • Catalyst – 110 PLEX
  • Hecate – 110 PLEX
  • Vexor – 110 PLEX
  • Thorax – 110 PLEX
  • Ishtar – 110 PLEX
  • Dominix – 250 PLEX
  • Megathron – 250 PLEX
  • Sin – 250 PLEX
  • Kronos – 250 PLEX
  • Obelisk – 390 PLEX
  • Moros – 390 PLEX
  • Thanatos – 390 PLEX
  • Nyx – 390 PLEX
  • Erebus – 390 PLEX


Purchasing SKINs is easy:

  • Log into EVE Online
  • Have sufficient PLEX
  • Go to the New Eden Store (press ALT+4 or use the Neocom to access the store)
  • Purchase the SKIN(s)
  • The SKINs are then available in your redeeming system

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Fanfest 2018 – Tickets Now On Sale

We’re delighted to announce that early bird tickets for Fanfest 2018 are now on sale!

From April 12-14 next year, we’re back at Harpa on the Reykjavik ocean front, the home of EVE Online’s development team, to celebrate the fifteenth anniversary of EVE Online!

We’ll have presentations and roundtables galore as we celebrate the fifteenth anniversary, and start off the process of charting a course that will take us toward the third decade.

The fifteenth anniversary celebrations are set to take Reykjavik by storm, with the pub crawl, party on top of the world, and recent confirmation that the world’s first internet spaceships parade will be hosted in downtown Reykjavik during Fanfest 2018!

For this year’s party on top of the world, Permaband will be joined by Basshunter, who’ll be playing a set live at Harpa as we blow the roof of during Saturday night.

Tickets are now on sale on the EVE Fanfest website.

If you’ve ever had Fanfest on your bucket list, 2018 is absolutely the year so far to celebrate, with huge plans afoot to make Fanfest bigger, better and more awesome than ever before.

Check out the Fanfest website for more details!

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EVE Vegas Livestream schedule – Watch all weekend!

Dear EVE pilots around the world,

EVE Vegas kicks off in Las Vegas Nevada this Friday and for those of you who can’t make it in person, we´ll be streaming the whole thing for you!

We’ll have feature presentations from our developers, player presentations, interviews, AMAs, live shotouts, live spaceship duels between attendees and more!

We’ll also be doing regular giveaways on all three days including lots of ship skins, and quite a few gaming headsets from our friends at Plantronics. 

You’ll find the main schedule of stream events below with times in UTC (EVE time). For more info on each event please go to our online schedule (note: it runs on local Vegas time)

See you in Vegas or on Twitch.tv/ccp !

Additionally, we encourage you to follow us on Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat for fun, latest news and great action! Don’t forget to use #evevegas!


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EVE Vegas 2017 – Discounts and deals for attendees

Dear EVE Vegas attendees,

We’ve gotten some good deals for you in Las Vegas this year at businesses we feel confident in recommending.

15% discount on food and beverage
Located @ the LINQ Promenade inside the Flamingo Hotel & Casino
Show your EVE Vegas 2017 badge when you place your order. Not valid on Gift Cards, Happy Hour Pricing / Menus, Merchandise or Special Events. 

20% discount on food and beverage from October 6th-8th
Located @ the LINQ Promenade, right next door to the LINQ hotel and walkable from its’ pool area.
Show your EVE Vegas 2017 badge when you place your order. Not valid on Gift Cards, Happy Hour Pricing / Menus, Merchandise or Special Events
20% discount on food from October 6th-8th Located @ The Caesars Forum Shops
Show your EVE Vegas 2017 badge when you place your order. Not valid on Alcohol, Gift Cards, Happy Hour Pricing, Merchandise or Special Events.

Complimentary expedited entry for Friday night, October 6, until 1 am Headliner: Kaskade
Located @ Caesar’s Palace (just opposite the LINQ)
Please show your EVE Vegas wristband and printed ticket that is included in attendee gift bags. You must be 21 to enter and be there before 1 am. Dress code strictly enforced.

Vegas party attendees provided with complimentary entry for Saturday night, October 7 Headliner: Big Sean
Located @ rooftop of The Cromwell hotel.
All attendees of the EVE Vegas Saturday night party at Drai’s can stay on at the club after it opens to the public at 22:00. If you leave the club you can get a stamp at the door for re-entry. Only valid for those who attend the EVE Vegas 2017 party. You must 21 to enter. Dress code strictly enforced.

Exclusive discount for attendees. For further information and ticket booking visit: tickets.lvmonorail.com/EVEVegas2017

See you at EVE Vegas!

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New Eden Store: Support your industry with the new Rorqual “Forgemaster” SKIN!

Get the new “Forgemaster” SKIN for your Rorqual industrial ships and inspire your fellow miners with this beautiful new SKIN!

Heavy industry in New Eden is serious business; it deserves the best support. Lighten up the heavy work with this hot red and icy white SKIN. Celebrate your industrial activities by proudly showing off with your new Rorqual SKIN.

This SKIN is now available in the New Eden Store: 


Purchasing SKINs is easy:

  • Log into EVE Online
  • Have sufficient PLEX
  • Go to the New Eden Store (press ALT+4 or use the Neocom to access the store)
  • Purchase the SKIN(s)
  • The SKINs are then available in your redeeming system

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New Eden Store: 24-hour discount on Skill Extractor packs

Another fantastic opportunity in the New Eden Store: Profit from our 15% discount on Skill Extractor packs!

Sale start: Friday, 29 September at 18:00 UTC 
Sale end: Saturday, 30 September at 18:00 UTC 

This offer is available only for Skill Extractor packs in the New Eden Store.


Purchasing Skill Extractors is easy:

  • Log into EVE Online
  • Have sufficient PLEX
  • Go to the New Eden Store (press ALT+4 or use the Neocom to access the store) and the “Services” tab
  • Purchase Skill Extractor packs
  • The packs are then available in your redeeming system

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Loyal Subjects Renew Vows after Emissary Addresses the Faithful on Capsuleer Souls

Amarr Prime – Loyal capsuleer subjects gathered in great numbers last night to witness the jubilee of Her Most Sublime and Imperial Majesty Catiz I, First Apostle of the True Faith and Sovereign Defender of the Imperial Rite. Cardinal Sourem Itharen, Capsuller Emissary to the Court Chamberlain, gave the loyal address to the assembled capsuleer faithful which we reproduce below:

Loyal and faithful capsuleers of Amarr! I bring you greetings from the Court Chamberlain on behalf of Her Most Sublime and Imperial Majesty Catiz I, First Apostle of the True Faith and Sovereign Defender of the Imperial Rite.

On this day we celebrate the auspicious coronation of Her Imperial Majesty and join together as faithful subjects of Most Holy Amarr! Long live the Holy Empress and the Amarr Empire!

Faithful of Amarr, be it known that I have been enjoined by the Court Chamberlain to address the loyal capsuleers on a matter of great importance to us all.

By the will of Her Imperial Majesty and Order in the Privy Council, it is declared that the Exhortation to the Faithful by the Supreme Sobor of the Theology Council dated October 11th, YC118 is to be added to Scripture.

As the faithful will know, this Exhortation by the Theology Council contained the judgment that cloned humans should be accepted as embodying souls in communion with the Imperial Rite.

On the most wise advice of the Privy Council, Her Imperial Majesty Catiz I has accepted the judgment of the Theology Council and declared that it is included in the Final Law and Scripture of the Amarr Empire.

As a loyal and faithful capsuleer, given over to service in this cloned form by the call of my duty and order, I rejoiced at this news and know that you too will rejoice even as you praise Her Imperial Majesty’s profound wisdom.

Now, in token of this news and in fealty to our Holy Empress, let us swear anew our vows of obedience, loyalty and faith to the Imperial Throne and Holy Amarr!

I swear that I shall be ever obedient to the will of the Empress, loyal to the Imperial Throne and faithful to the destiny of Holy Amarr!

Amarr Victor! Amen! Rejoice, my faithful comrades and enjoy the remainder of this jubilee! Amarr Victor!

Cardinal Itharen’s address was well received by the faithful assembled loyalists and many joined in with the renewal of their vows of obedience, loyalty and faith

The Imperial authorities have noted that attempts to surveil or interfere with the proceedings were made by so-called “Autothysian Lancers” at various points. These attempts were thwarted by the righteous actions of the assembled loyalist capsuleers.

Cardinal Itharen has noted that many petitions have been received by the Court Chamberlain’s Office and they will be responded to with all due process and with the speed appropriate to maintaining the dignity of the Imperial Throne.


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